NJIKỌTA the online platform that Empowers you beyond social media and microblogging. What does that mean?

NJIKỌTA is such a powerful tool to uplift, empower and support you.

How about if you are given the privilege to earn a token each time you like and comment on feeds on NJIKỌTA?

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The Big Story

There is a majority of people in NIGERIA presently. They are full of energy and have various innovative ideas in their minds. Now, therefore, the important thing is about connecting with the right network of people, in awake to this our platform is set to empower you beyond social media and microblogging. NJIKỌTA plays a very significant role to empower its users in various ways as our platform is enriched with social media tools you need either to connect with new people, raise funding, grow your business, making money, network & ICT. People like you who found themselves here are very frequently, using NJIKỌTA

So it seems very effective and beneficial to help our users develop their skills and move their energy in the right direction through our platform. NJIKỌTA works in a dialogic transmission system in which there are many sources to many receivers. NJIKỌTA has become an important tool for people looking for the right connection. Now the time is to be aware of the benefits of joining our platform and we welcome you to give your precious contribution to the development of our community. 

Why Join

NJIKỌTA works in the right direction and in the right manner, such as in introducing to you our capabilities and capacities. We have developed and enriched to move users towards making their dream becomes a reality.

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  • Raise Funding
  • Share Memories
  • Get paid when you react or comment on posts
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